Is it possible to kill sleepers in a wh with an astero

If so, how? I usually do c1-c3 whs and it gets annoying when scanning to keep ignoring sites with sleepers.

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why not bring standard 7bil gila ?

Because I have 60m


i think your going to need more than the astero for sure maybe a stratios? but billions per day in wh should cover it

I am pretty new should I buy a different ship to go in and kill them? How much would that cost.

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koko has been kind to link you a nice site
But you could also use google: “eve” + “sleepers” bring you there
where you can read " While Class 1 and 2 wormhole Sleepers can easily be done by a single T2 fitted Battlecruiser (as long as you keep on your toes and the site is not too difficult), …"

so most probably an astero is not enough?

I am dumb sorry I thought those were for the combat sites I cant read

no problem mate :wink:

Is this even a real question? You would need Nestors chain-repping to do those sites. An astero would just get one-shotted.

I mean I can tank like 20 hits and do a bit of damage with only explo modules so we are probably thinking of different things.

You don’t need to kill them, just to pull them away from the site.

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