Is it possible to make a BS size rail gun boat for events like Winter?

Or will they all miss too many shots due to bad tracking of large turrets?
Nagas and Rokhs are useless for this?
PS! I Am not taking into account micro-warping out to 100 km, that kinda makes the event just a hassle.

Why would you want to use Railguns (which are a long-range weapon system) in an Event where everything spawns close, stays close or even warps to you if you try to kite?

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Because it could be fun to do something else then missiles, and since I am Caldari?

Then use… Blasters? Blaster Rohk works like a charm.

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Maybe with maximum tracking (modules, implants, rigs) along with a stasis web and grappler. But since the engagement is typically <20km blasters are still a better option.

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I know, but not sure my blaster skills are as high as my rail skills, and I wanted to find out of it was possible to do or not. I knew it was not the ‘best’ solution.

I mostly play other types of MMOs, with classes. So for my trying other fits or weapon types are fun, why I asked about the close range rail BS viability.

These events can be very competitive, so it comes down to being able to apply the most damage in the shortest amount of time. Marauders trump everything; Paladins will typically win out over a Vargur and Kronos because they can apply the exact damage needed.

If you use a stasis web, heavy grappler and max out your tracking speed - I think you’ll do ok with 350mm railguns. I normally run 350mm/425mm railguns for missions so I may try this just to see.

This will work if you really want to do it with rails. However, you can have better eventrunning fits for half the price…
Keep a Hardshell, Exile and Drop boost with you if things get hairy. And you should have good skills, the tank is sufficient for the highsec sites, but don’t test it too much.

For the Boss switch to Faction Antimatter…

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Then use a Blaster Rokh. Considering that you cannot stay far away from the NPCs at all, rails will only get you killed.


and in these other mmos, you would not use an archer with a long range bow as a brawling melee fighter, would you?


I’d be guessing wow retailer. Wow retail hunters shoot full damage with the target in your face lol.

Classic has the orginal setup it goes melee for that. Not the greatest melee ofc. But the dual dagger animations won cool points for me.

But yeah blasters and a web. up close any tracking mod ain’t doing crap really. Web it advised.