Is the corax the worst ship in the game?

You don’t get precision rockets, you get the extended range ones which are imo pretty much not worth using. Yes you get 22/23km range with them but you have to remember how much dps you lose and the fact that as a scramkiter you will be shooting a target that can just disengage at will meaning any fight you will lose and shoot javelin it won’t matter and any fight you could potentially win it won’t matter either since in case 1 you die and in case 2 they warp out. If you wanted to make some fruity no prop, dual web and longpoint fit then I guess I could see a use case for them but as it stands rage rockets apply very well on their own and have enough range.

Furthermore as an addendum if you are worried about losing damage application with rage rockets you have a double strength bonus to explo speed with corax, if its a matter of sigR then I suggest using a standard crash booster for a few reasons. The only penalties that will hurt you are -15% armour and -15% missile velocity, but here’s the trick; the armour penalty represents 200ehp lost from armour aka pretty much not relevant, the missile velocity represents 1.9km of range lost but you will still be shooting to 10.8km with rage which means its inside OH’d scram range, which is fine. Your ship loses 15% velocity but you are already so slow does it matter? Lastly you lose shield booster amount and you’re not running a shield booster so who cares.

Basically if you want to fight any kind of armour tanked AB frig like a punisher etc and you think you might have problems applying deeps just pop a standard crash, they’re dirt cheap, won’t materially inhibit your ship performance and will ensure that fringe-case ships take much more applied dps.


Remove 1 highslot = 3.6pg and 12.8cpu free.

Increase bonus to 10% kinetic per level. Current bonus is 8.75 launchers, new bonus is 9 launchers effective.
Gains enough fitting room for t2 shield extender, t2 scram and t2 AB.

Become weaker at other damage types, consume slightly less ammo.


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I use the Corax on occasion to lazily PVE combat anoms in high sec up to 0.5. I just use a full set of light missile launchers grouped together with auto-targeting missiles and just orbit whatever structure and let it do it’s thing until everything is dead…

What about rigs

The Corax is a reasonably decent - and very cheap - way to kill Fighters as an Alpha/New Player. Basically a low SP replacement for the Jackdaw. It’s also a decent anti-tackle and a counter to Stealth Bombers. So it has roles, and functions to fulfil.

What you seem to be asking for is for it to be a solo ship, and I don’t think that’s what it was designed for.


Had some fun with this ship recently, it’s still not the best but a lot of people underestimate the Corax so you’ll get some sweet pimped frig kills in it :stuck_out_tongue:


That is a non-functional link. You’d want to hand them this instead:

Watch instead of edit. :grinning:


Thanks, I corrected it :stuck_out_tongue:

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And now that you did the video, fewer people will underestimate it. Just like a Kestrel.

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I change range depending on what I see on scan. If its another corax my fav strategy is to burn off the beacon and then orbit him at like 11km so that he is shooting rage, i shoot CN rockets. Then I burn out to 14km or so, he either swaps ammo type or gets his chance to leave. A lot of the time they swap ammo, I can then burn back in that 10s window and just dps while scram-webbing and it seems like enough to get the kill. It’s not a perfect strategy thanks to the opportunity to warp out but that’s something lots of people are unwilling to do since they see the corax as an easy kill especially if they’re flying some kind of blinged dual web corax themselves.

With a 5% damage drug I am hitting nearly 300dps with navy rockets so out-ranging them still hurts them a lot.

@Suitonia I freely admit your fit is ‘better’ in terms of engagement profile but I’m still unwilling to sacrifice a prop mod considering how often I find range being important for fights.

Whatever feedback that CCP need to see I am interested I just hope they do something more meaningful than another +50 hp like last time which doesn’t fix any problems it just makes a bad ship take 1s longer to kill


If you need to spend 100mill to make a Corax sting like hell… you are doing it wrong.

Maybe don’t judge a ship by YOUR skill level?

One thought… Not every ships is meant to solo. The corax is the kind of ship that does better with friends. Skip the point (I know… Blasphemy!), possibly skip webs too. That’s why you have friends. Focus on DPS and whatever other tank you can fit.

Yes if you are the sole anti-frig destroyer in a fleet, the corax is a bad choice. But a fleet of 6 coral with supporting webs and tackle, that can be scary.

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I think if velocity bonus on caracal/cerb didnt apply to RLML, the corax would make for a strong LML platform to counter kiting frigs.

You dont need a 40k EHP cruiser to kill frigs. Undock 5-10 corax and youd prob alpha frigs off in no time.


I sure wish the scrubs in nullsec understood this when they complain about interceptors.


Corax is a solo beast :slight_smile:

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