Is the Doctor who filaments doable with alpha exploration skills?

I am an alpha.

I do the hacking sites in a 5 day old alpha char, but didn’t try the filaments yet.

I have very minimal hacking skills myself.

I think the level one exploration filaments are doable with an alpha account.

TBH, they are kinda fun.

Cool well was the loot good?

Good for you buddy

I have been doing T2 exploration filaments with Arc 3 and a T1 exploration frigate. I get tight on time, but it’s doable. A cargo scanner helps.

Define good?

I’m not to familiar with what would be considered good exploration loot.

I did manage to get components and BP to build other Dr. Who warp filaments. Got a couple of trinkets. The TARDIS, a snow globe. One Dr. Who ship skin for the drake, according to the market appraisal, worth 25 mil isk.

I sold a whole bunch of those curious reports (whatever they are called).

Really, the best payout I’ve gotten on this event, is practice with that hacking minigame.

It’s something to do, outside my normal EvE gameplay.

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Good exploration loot is like 1 mil loot per can

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