Is the nightmare still a good mission ship?

i have been out of game for a couple of years how bad did the NM get the nerfbat?

Its strong very very strong :smiley: Lasers in general are winning eve at the moment very in meta, lasers and missiles.


It’s still good, and afaik hasn’t been hit with the nefbat since it got its rebalance (and picked up the AB bonus). Use one as my mission boat (when i run missions, in a WH these days).



Is a Nightmare more fun to use than a Raven Navy issue? That’s my usual level 4 mission running boat, which is a lot of fun.

I’m attracted to Amarr/Sansha ships in general, but unfortunately am a bit behind on laser turret skills.

i have been running a nightmare with 1100 dps it is just so bloody slow

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Lol. My Raven navy issue does about 990dps with implants, but yeah I find it slow also. I no longer run level 4 missions that often due to boredom. I actually fit a Level 4 mission running Orca for fun.

i fit ginosis (sp?) 550 dps fast shi with a faction ab and abyssal rep if i could get a partner to fly one lv 4s would fly by

I started L4 missions with a Raven (well, a Drake, but that was no good, so went back to L3s till I could Raven properly). Then upgraded to Raven Navy, and now use Nightmare.

I’d say the Nightmare is more fun than a Raven, because there’s no waiting time for the missiles to arrive everything within range dies real fast, and there’s little use for drones as you can kill everything as it closes in on you. Using Tachs so pretty much everything is in range :slight_smile:

The fit I use is listed here

May consider a Mach (travel time in a BS isn’t fun) or Golem (lazy mode) if I ever get back into L4s.



Thanks so much Cypr3ss_Deteis !!

I find the whole drone management thing in missions abysmall because they keep on dying (even the strong ones), so this is good news :slight_smile:

will set up my skill queue for a nightmare i think.

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Never not spikes!

Spikes are the way of the Kuvakei.

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