Is the Rifter good or bad in 2021?

Hello guys,

coming back to EVE after a long break makes me instantly ask this: After one significant update years ago, it made the Rifter weak. I remember comments like “Rifter got worthless” etc. but I’m no pro. So are there any good fittings for the Rifter or is it still regarded as a weak frig? If so, are there any plans to change this sometime or will the current Rifter stay as it is and possibly get no love?


Just killed some NPC Cynabals in Irgrus in a Rifter for the event, but well, it’s a T1 Frig…

Isn’t the Rifter considered weak against other T1 frigs? Any possible good fittings for solo flights?

Depends how you like to fight. I recommend this frig guide:


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