Is there a corporation for daily system diagnostics?

Does anyone know if there are corporations that diagnose systems on a daily basis so that cargo delivery is safe?
Today I wanted to make a delivery from Nullsec, but the ship was destroyed, fortunately I had no cargo, because the delivery is FROM nullsec, and in my free time, flying through space, I lose nothing except the ship when destroyed.
I ask about this, because it is not always convenient to find out on the map information about the destruction of capsules / ships in an hour. If there are no such corporations, then it will sound like a pretty interesting idea, which, of course, will take a lot of people and time, but it will be worth it.

Worth it for whom?

This info exists BUT imo it doesn’t matter which ships were killed in the last hour…to me

it only matters which ships WILL be killed around the time I’ll be there

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I believe there are a couple websites that provide good info about what you’re asking. One being EVE Gatecamp Check.

People are busy playing the game the way they want to, why should they spend their time gathering info the websites already have?

EVE is to be played in conjunction with a web browser. The info you need is online.

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Wellp… I touched on the topic of delivery, which means that in fact all this will go to the plus of the deliverers. Of course, I won’t hope for anything, because the question was’t even that, but the question was about whether such a corporation exists or not.

Okay, this changes everything. What web does show info like this?

I need such information to make it easier to understand whether it is worth wasting time on this delivery to nullsec, that is, to understand how safe and what are the chances that I will get and return the whole and unharmed cargo. Understand, yup?

Oooh, sorry, didn’t notice at the first read, I see that site you have wrote. God, thank you so much!

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So what would the players spending all of their time to provide you with this intelligence get?

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No, man, it’s not about that. Why do you think such information should be given to me? Read the post carefully before hitting on words, and the topic can be considered closed, because I have already been helped. I won’t delete the post, because suddenly someone else will advise something or it will be useful for newbies.

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When I lived in null, i used ingame map, intell websites and ingame alliance intell chat channels. Worked just fine.

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Yup, me too, but which sites did you use?

dotlan, zkillboard, gatecamp check


Oh, thanks)
But Gatecamp check doesn’t work.

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