Is there a method to export a ship model with a selected skin for use in image editors?

I want to get the pink Maller ship model at a certain angle for use in an eve propaganda poster I am putting together. But I would also like a few other ships at some point for further projects.

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This may be of use to you:

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You can view a ship in it’s preview and select any SKIN you like. Rotate and zoom it anyway you want and then take a screenshot.


Thanks for the link, I have used that site in the past, very useful, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have the latest or most of the available skins like the Hunter’s Quiver for the Maller.

I was hoping to get a ship model with a transparent or single colour background for easier shooping. I have in the past used the ship browser but my only gripe is I need to manually extract the template for what I have planned.

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If you’re skilled with Photoshop or GIMP can you use a little trick:

  1. Take a screenshot of the ship at the exact size and angle you want.
  2. Zoom out, but don’t rotate or change anything else, and take a second screenshot.
  3. Create a difference between the two screenshots.

The difference will be black for where both contain the same information, which in this case and when you’ve only zoomed out will be the background, because the background remains the same size at all zoom levels. This can be cut into a mask and used to extract only the non-background part.

It’s not perfect, but it gets you much quicker and more precise to what you want.


You can also create your custom skins too with some additional effort. Worth considering imo.



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