Is there an upto date Mission Guide

Ive come back to the game now im doing less hours at work and wondering if there is an upto date mission blitzing guide

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That I’m not sure of. Unofficially, the Machariel isn’t quite as good as it used to be (slot rearrangement, warp speed nerf). I’ve seen some slick Vargur fits that now rival the Machariel (albeit more expensive).

I haven’t heard of any updated mission guide available.

The old ‘Eve Survival: Mission Reports’ site was shut down. However there is a clone of it available…

:thinking: Are you referring to this one: and if yes then how it is shut down? Or do you mean it no longer accepts new comments or something or what is wrong with it? Or it was put back up again and you didn’t know about it or something like that?

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Ahh ok, guess it’s available to view.

And yeah, when I checked for it a while ago, it was down which is why I looked up and bookmarked the clone.

Anyway, I’ve bookmarked the original site now, thanks…

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I’ve been using the Mission Reports at Eve Uni: Mission reports - EVE University Wiki