Is there any Tool that still works to export resources from the EVE Client?

Hi, we used to have a tool called TriExporter(sanctioned by CCP) to export assets from the game client, like ship models etc.

I happen to like todays wallpaper from the login screen, and would like to export it out of the game files, however cannot get triexporter to open the shared cache of the client. This might be due to me using linux or simply because the tool hasnt been updated in 8 years and a lot of stuff has changed.

Do we have any tools to export the login screen wallpaper and/or other assets available that are not violating the ToS?
Does anyone know the URL where the client pulls that image from?

Any help is appreciated

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thanks. I did not know that site!

There is a fork of triexporter on github that still works, you do need to get the most recent version of granny2.dll though.

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