Is there any way to make corporation assets load faster in the excel add-in?

I found it very slow in loading corporation assets info in the excel. I tried using strings or item IDs but both take at least 5 mins, and one or more items could never be loaded like ‘Power Circuit’. Am I using it wrong or it’s just this slow?

Have you updated the add-in? It should show v1.1 on its panel. I think there were some efficiency improvements made from v1.0.

Yeah got that one, I’ll try to update my sheet with location first then items. See if it’s fater.

there is a discord channel on EVE’s discord → Join the discussion on Discord | EVE Online that has some of the developers in it, may want to ask there.


Thx, I figured it out, the new corporation asset location_filter needs the structure ID, faster than before, and I finally made it.

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