Lower cache time for assets

Currently the endpoints for Corp assets and player assets are set for a catche timing of 3,600 seconds or 1 hour. I’m sure there’s good reasoning behind why there is a long catch time for that endpoint.

However, it would be really beneficial for me and possibly others if the time was reduced to 30 minutes or even 15 minutes. That is if the hamster can support that! :wink:

I thought it was 5 minutes? And I’ve certainly had player assets update more frequently than that. Regardless, you can get it to update by relogging and reopening the window. It’s annoying, but works if you’re in a hurry.

And yeah, I too would like faster updates. But I understand if it creates too much server load.

in game assets is 5 minutes.

skillboards like eveskill, or the one we built for USIA, is on a 1 hour timer.
but yea most anything else involving assets etc is only 5 minutes. is it something out of game that you are trying to accomplish that is taking an hour?

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Yeah out of game inventory management, pulling all of the Corp assets into a sheet, and then pasting in a list of items to pull the quantity available per item. When changes are made to the inventory it takes a very long time to update on the spreadsheet, even with refreshing the function.

Ive made dozens of spreadsheets but the asset endpoint is by far the slowest and it would be nice for the information to be closer to real time. Reason being is the assets are being used in industry so the quantities change often.

have you tried using jeve assets though?

Yeah, I actually am managing the spreadsheet for a friend. He uses JeveAssets but for what he needs, Jeve doesn’t support at the moment. I believe he has another software for inventory management besides that too.

something like that, with quantities changing as often as they are could be why it might be set to 1 hour, or it could be other technical reasons…

we wish it was less than an hour to refresh the skills end point as well, but i’m sure there’s a reason in technicality why its an hour.

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