Is there even a point to playing this game if wanting to do solo PvE outside of high sec?

Well if you’re not up for a challenge then why play EVE?

Yes, multiple game mechanics are somewhat more tedious than they should be, and that costs the game players and CCP money. But the fact is, you headed out into unsafe territory, got caught and shot, and then come here whining that the PvPers in a PvP game didn’t leave you alone to pursue your solo PvE - in space that literally warns you “Enter at your own risk”.

Calling that a cesspit is like signing up to drive in an auto race and then bitching because all the other drivers go faster than you.

EVE is what it’s designed to be. It isn’t designed to be safe for solo PvE in low sec and wormholes. Crying about it won’t change anything. Adjust your approach or throw in the towel and walk away.

No offense.


To Eve players the work „gank“ is specific jargon with specific meaning: getting suicide ganked in high sec. Since you’re not there, you’re not getting ganked, just doing PvP. That means being prey and learning the mechanics to not get got.

If you don’t like being prey, and don’t like social interactions, then don’t play Eve. Play any other game that coddles the weak and gives out Main Character Syndrome to anyone with a pulse like the thousands of other players who are also The Big Hero.

Well now that’s just being rude.

Oh, yeah that clearly erases the toxicity in your previous comment. You’re not making anyone here miss your presence should you decide to leave.


None taken.


A kill is a kill.

Check Zkill.

It certainly is harder to play this game solo. There is a reason why its called “multiplayer”. But thats true for almost any game.

If youre in Dota 2 and youre alone because all your teamates left the game, but your opponents team has 5 players, will it be harder to play Solo against 5 players? Yes.

It doesnt mean that you cant play Solo. But you have to play with the understanding that you are alone, against a storm. Can you survive the storm? Yes, many of us have in the past. Will some people get blown up and decimated by the storm? Absolutely.

There are a lot of Solo PVP vids out there, my favorite one is old but still my favorite in many ways.

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Its a pvp game. You’d see this same stuff in even WoW on a pvp server (classic series) or warmode on in Retail.

I have been there on pvp-rp grobbulus. Classic Stranglethorn valley…if you get an hour of leveling quest time not shanked by a level capped ganker…that is is damned good day.

If wanting pure pve generally a pve mode MMO would be advised. And if wanting to be solo in an mmo that much…I"d say maybe find a fun SP game. Nothing wrong with that.

On my nights off from eve I hammer out Far Cry 6 of late. I will finish that game. even though yeah…I am not liking it nearly as much as 5 tbh.

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No. That’s just for HS people. The fact that you consider HS to be all “eve players” means you don’t play outside HS.

People will tell you it’s obvious, YOU ARE BAD.
The thing is , it’s obvious, they are lucky. Because it depends a lot on the time of the day you play. If you only have 2 hours per day to play the game, and in those two hours other people are camping regularly, then you are screwed.

The “git gud” is but a proof of their stupidity.

That is when you find other fishing holes. And learn how to use the map. there are usually 2 ways to get to most places not even using WH space. That is the fun and interesting backdoor method sometimes. “Pipeline” systems would be an exception ofc. they only have 2 gates lol.

Eve pve (or pve v p for ninjya ratting stuff) is really about flexibility. You can have a plan. And that plan may change. So have a backup plan. Hell have a few backup plans.

Example. I ahve varied play times. I am also Japan/OCE tz.

When I play on weekends, yes, I cannot do what I do during the week. Weekdays spots can be more empty if they lack OCE presence. I may jsut see just some US night owls really.

weekends…I can see eve US primetime as I fire up eve around my lunchtime. I go find other fishing holes if its not a fw mood weekend for me.

Some ways to make this not a pita is the joys of jump clone. I stage mine in areas. with a ship or 2 in an npc. Little trick I learned doing 0.0 blob stuff long ago. the enemy has come en masse to lock the system out, massive pos bash (I started pos sov days), etc.

No camp breaker fleet is coming soon. And I’d jump clone to a quiet spot several systems over. A pvp and pve ship there. It gave me options. I could x up for camp break fleet. Or I could rat from that secondary area till we got a fleet up.

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You need to go deeper into low sec and find areas with lower activity.

Caldari space and systems next to hi sec are a bad idea


You are choosing to live in a universe populated by others.

This question is hilarious.

As soon as you leave the safety of the station, you consent to being killed.

The first is untrue. The second is.

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“Lower activity” tends to give a false sense of security. The appearance of anyone new or anything different is akin to chumming the water…

exactly what i found coincidentally, because one of those low-sec systems there was literally not a single person in local when i jumped in, still was only 15min before being hunted by T3 then ganked on other side of the gate by others

lower activity can give a false sense of security indeed

You got caught in Milal. You’re literally on the border to high sec. When you got found, you jumped ONE system to the next one over. In an area with few jump connections. Of course you got spotted again immediately. Then you jumped BACK to the same border system that you probably entered through.

You’re not complaining about being hunted in low sec (which is exactly what low sec is for). You’re not complaining about being gate-camped (which is what border systems do).

You’re actually complaining that you want the better rewards and higher pay of soloing PvE in low sec, but you’re too lazy and careless to bother with actual security measures. Yes, you did a decent job noticing that you were being scanned for an hunted, and you escaped a couple times. That should’ve been your clue that you needed to stop and re-evaluate your approach. Instead you just kept jumping without awareness.

EVE is a what it is. It isn’t a friendly place (for the most part). It isn’t “solo PvE in killer space without precautions” frienly. It isn’t a cesspit, despite your attempts here to portray low sec hunters are somehow being dickheads for nuking your ship.

If you want to solo PvE, then stick to non-bling ships that aren’t easy targets in high sec. If you want to cruise low sec, then learn how to do so. Don’t take the first lazy easy path you see, walk right into a trap, and then blame the game or the PvPers for your failure.



Stop making yourself seem completely ignorant and foolish. Or not, I’m not your mother.

Anyway, I won’t keep going with your ad hominems and back on topic:

You keep saying „only 15 minutes“ and „T3 cruisers“ as if they are some sort of metrics that should be impressive and elicit sympathy to you. I hate to burst your bubble, but 15 minutes is a long time, and T3 Cruiser hunters are pretty vanilla for low sec and J space.

Not really, just pay close attention to local. There are plenty of areas of space that are very quiet, so when somebody pops into local check their kill board. That will tell you if they are a hunter or not most times. Then keep an eye on Dscan.

If you’re running anything gated they will have to decloak at least temporarily and you’ll spot them, and warp off if need be.

Eve is extremely difficult solo trust me, but if you learn some of this stuff i mentioned you will rarely get caught.

Right off the top Milal system KB shows that there are a lot of PvE ship losses in that system. Idk why that is, but I’d bet that’s why that guy hangs out there killing pve players.

Check killboards and the eve map for ship loss / player activity is the best piece of advice i can give you. Then, scout around your would be pve area.

If pve ships are dying every day or so in that system then it’s not the system you want to pve in

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This is a terrible mindset and will lead to nothing but self destruction.

Sorry man, don’t know where you or others got this idea. ‘Gank’ isn’t specific to EVE. There IS a specific jargon for getting suicide ganked in high sec, it’s “suicide gank”. Note that word in the front there, which differentiates it from a regular gank.

A gank is a gank is a gank, no matter the game. It’s when a gang of players swarm a weaker player, or when a very powerful player kills a much weaker player - usually with some element of surprise or ambush involved.

Um, Stefnia has been doing a lot of that, but apparently they’re not the only one.

And just a heads up, “you don’t play outside HS” is not an “ad hominem”. But “making yourself seem completely ignorant and foolish” is.

You used to be an interesting commenter Io, but over the past year or two you’ve become increasingly peevish, whiny, and prone to calling every disagreement an ad hominem attack.

Try aiming for a little more informed opinion, and a little less hypocrisy and whinging. The forums will be a better place for it.

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In high-sec it’s called “ganking”, in low-sec it’s called “piracy” and in null-sec it’s called “just another weekday”.


Especially when the ingame maps give intel to tell nearby players that there is activity in said system so they can just look at the map, see number of people in space and NPC kills and go, someone ratting there and go hunt you.

This debate has been played out before on these forums. I’m not going to derail the OP‘s conversation further beyond this wall of text. Eve is full of PvP, and a long lived game, and the culture is such that the vast majority of players use the word „gank“ as shorthand for „suicide gank“ since there does not exist „non-suicide ganking“ in Eve.

I am merely pointing out this cultural difference and trying to educate a new guy.

I really don’t care about being implicitly called a hypocrite, to me it’s not an insult but innate to being a human. Whoa, I’m a human!

People who trot „hypocrisy“ out and try to wield it as if it were an insult are kind of like those who try to use „but free speech“ to defend their arguments: it’s the last resort of those who cannot argue on the merits of the topic at hand.

The topic at hand was Stefina attempting to say „Io only lives in high sec“ which is a jab at calling me ignorant about the rest of the game. My retort is such because anyone can pop open my zkill and quickly verify that I’ve been outside High Sec. It really does that that little effort. My statement was a light jab warning about appearances for failing to do that little.

So, returning to OP and on-topic, when I try to say things like „15 minutes is a long time“ and „T3 cruisers are vanilla“ it is perhaps because of my experience actively hunting and being hunted in low sec and J-space and I am trying to give the guy informed advice. Perhaps it is delivered in a tough-love way that rubs people wrong, but I am not getting paid to give this advice out nicely. I’m not getting paid at all.

I’m honestly not trying to make it about me, but if I can’t pass on basic Eve culture about the word „gank“ without getting attacked with an implied „you only live in high sec“ jab (readily falsifiable with easily, borderline lazily use of public tools) and your reaction is to say to me the „do better“ attitude for such a soft retort — this isn’t the first time you’ve done it to me — I am inclined to ignore you for repeatedly trying to tone police me.

As the last time we had this very conversation, I appreciate it when I get called out for overstepping, but in this case I’m just trying to help a rookie, and we can disagree about the use of the word „gank“ as always being shorthand for „suicide gank“ without talking about where I play in the game.

With apologies to OP for my stupid derail.

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