Is there any point in loggin in for a solo hisec player now?

I mean, literally.
You find yourself some quiet hisec system, settling there and then it becomes owned by guristas. And now it is not a safe system any more, you either leave or play FW…
I get it “you have to be a part of happy EvE society” but what if I don’t want to?
Why am I pulled in all this Pirats of the Carrebian FW crap? Why do I have to care? What if I’ve got fed up with all this “pvp with boys” stuff years ago, and want to spend calm 2-3 hours dualbox ratting/mining etc.?

The tred is not about hisec ganking.
It is about the expansion that turns your hisec system to lowsec. And lack of clear mechanism to prevent it other that “you solo dualbox player should unite into new Goonns of hisec to prevent Pirate expansion, or leave the game as we dont need your poor weak dollar, we now want only PvP all the way” which is aimed toward people WHO DO NOT WANT/CAN NOT UNITE WITH OTHERS.
“Take your assets and move your sh&t to another system” - not the best way for CCP to speak to its customers/users




Sounds to me like you already care a lot. Why else would you voice your frustration? No-one is telling you to care about the FW but if you want to keep the proverbial hole you have dug for yourself, you’d better put in the effort to prevent system(s) from changing. The war against Deathless and all his allies are not considered FW in the normal sense. They have activities they can do to increase corruption, and so do the Coalition of Empire forces against Deathless.

You can think of this as similar to how Triglavians/Neocom work - either you choose a side and have fun with that or you must accept the outcome of those who do and adjust to the changes they create. PvP comes in many forms not just direct Ship to Ship combat. The Markets are another indirect form of PvP but still very much Player vs Player. New Eden is an ever evolving universe.

Join an “Umbrella” Nullsec alliance/coalition and do your stuff out there - you’ll be way safer and only minor risks involved.


Make yourself multiple bases in HighSec, outfitted with ships for all purposes and a corphangar full of equipment. Then leave jumpclones there and whenever an area gets too hot for you, just jump to another area and do your stuff there. Works like a charm.


But that takes effort and planning! Notgonnahappen™


OP, there’s tons of quiet high sec systems in Aridia, Khanid, and Derelik where you won’t be bothered by Gurista nor Angel insurgencies at all.


So ? You just move to another ‘quiet hisec system’. There’s literally hundreds of them.


Didnt expect any other reaction.
But again this is not a tissue post but thoughts about CCP’s is ill-planning.
CCP wants to drag people like into activities that we do not wan’t to.
I still have my Jit Burn alts sitting in Jita with the load of coercers for two more events. But it is not interesting anymore. But still I have to ally with people and partisipate in stupid FW. And I dont want it either.


To every other person it seems more like your ill-planning.

Then don’t do it.

Then move to Derelik.


You don’t ‘have’ to take part in FW at all. I hate it and have never taken part. It has the added benefit that I don’t get those stupid ’ XYZ…you are an enemy of the empire and will be terminated’ messages while on business or fleets.

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Dude it sounds like you lost your EVE magic. Play some other titles. Probably some AAA singleplayers.

NGL I am looking forward to Homeworld 3 and I gotta teach myself how 3d battles work in Homeworld 2 :sweat_smile:


There’s a Demo out you can play. If you just want a sneak peek at it then you can lookup LowkoTV on YT he has a video where he’s playing the demo.

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Is there any point in loggin in for a solo hisec player now?

The answer is of course NO, there ISN’T.

CCP doesn’t care about honest, hard-working, regular players like us. They’ve turned this game into a nasty grief fest and are laughing all the way to the bank. Until CCP stops shoving unwanted PvP down our throats, say NO and don’t give them a penny!


Do you find the faction tissues really worth the cost? I know one of my buddies was going through a time and actually abyssal-rolled ones for extra absorption, but I’ve always found that the t2 ones are sufficient for my needs.


Insurgencies can only reach corruption level 5 for 7 systems before it ends. Every insurgency spawns in lowsec systems and only spreads to a 1 or 2 highsec systems neighboring before the insurgency ends. If you wanted to avoid it you can simply move 1 jump from a system bordering faction warfare space or simply pay more attention. Both of these require less effort than airing on the forums that you’re upset.


Look at zklllboard op. Some of those pirates may have more blue kills than anything.

Not on a pirate site, even when blue well purple, can be safer if you get lucky.

Noooo. Its the unwanted PvE that makes nonsense of the whole notion of a ‘sandbox’. The terms ‘PvE content’ and ‘sandbox’ simply don’t belong in the same sentence…or even universe.

The more Eve heads down the ‘PvE content’ route, the more I wonder why I’m paying $15 a month for an alleged ‘multiplayer’ game rather than just playing some solo single player game against AI.


Sounds exactly like something a griefer asshole would say.

If you want to PvP grief so much, go play a PvP griefer game like Rust and leave the rest of us alone to play EVE in peace.

Thing with insurgency systems is usually the fw cares to protect it.

Dammalin has been like a time share winter home for some in min mill theatres lol.

Bears in these regions need to see where fw will care more. Probably the .5 with moon goo mining and structures.

Even when in angels once dammalin was locked out I didn’t roam the place. Lost cause….on to other places. Abudban was odd. Its residents can have more to worry about with HMA than angels sometimes. Angels would be baiting fights in plexes,

Huniting miners was more hma’s thing.

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I gather anchoring a structure is not considered a act of grief so what about a wardec on same structure then?