Is this just me or does this look similar to another ship?

I just saw this symbol on the Thrasher fleet issue when i was watching the FF’23 day 2 vid and thought that it looks kinda like the silhouette of a Trig world ark, or is it just me?

I took that screenshot at 1:33:45 of the video

Looks like it but it’s just the Republic Fleet NPC corp logo.

Oh, ok

Edit: but the one on the thrasher looks like it is 3 parts, but the one you linked is one part

Here’s a World Ark hiding in a background nebula. :smiley:

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Damn, thats a pretty cool picture, did you take it?

Yes. It’s just a cut out part of a screenshot.

Nice, what ship is that(the one you are cloaked in)

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