Is this spyware?

I’ve been using this google sheets app called “GESI”

to make api calls to EVE online data base. one of my friends in the game asked me to teach them how to use it. After I showed him, he said this is spyware because of this:

I just wanted to ask here on the forums if I, and others who use this app, should be concerned about information from our accounts being skimmed by this app? Does this app allow someone else to read my characters mail?

Those are permissions to allow the app access to those, so you can read those or whatever gesi does, it gives the app access to jot that info down.

Just like if you downoad eve portal youll see similar permissions so you can read evemail from the app.


Yes. As well as your character‘s location, online status, killmails, market orders from the screenshot. The app could still be written in such a way that the third party operator isn’t actually doing anything shady but you have zero insight and zero guarantee.

This is probably why CCP Games is working on first-party integration with Excel.


We generally know better how to fit a Merlin than how to script code in this section of the forums. Ask there, there are the hackers :wink: : Third Party Developers - EVE Online Forums

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It is highly unlikely.

Each one of those attributes is an ability that you are giving the app to do with your character’s data from ESI. So yes, the plugin can read, send, and organize your character’s mail. Presumably it is giving you the ability to do so, which is why it would need the permissions. Keep in mind, this is your character’s in-game mail and doesn’t correspond to any real world email.

If you don’t trust the plugin, either don’t use it (I’m a programmer so I make my own feeds from scratch, but I know others that do) or look at the code for it. The repo for it is at GitHub - Blacksmoke16/GESI: Google Sheets™ ESI Add-on (or you can click on the developers name at the bottom of the Google Workspace Marketplace page, which links to the developers github account).

Based on those permissions it probably can read EVE-mail. Frankly you shouldn’t be putting anything important in EVE-mail anyway. Also note that although the dev could in theory do nefarious things, if they get caught with their hand in your cookie jar CCP will probably disable their ability to do third-party things if not outright ban them.

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