So now that the awesome "upgrade" is done


In the old days I would get the api /ver code pair from a member and this key was sufficient for me to see all the chars on the account and made it easy to vet the new applicant.

My question is since CCP has introduce recent “enhancements” could someone please riddle me how I keep an active line of sight on my corp members now? I used to keep their api’s in a simple gdoc and this was sufficient to see what was going on.

Since CCP is actively in the mode of giving us lots of “feature improvements” im only assuming some expert at ccp has thought this through and has left me with an alternative.

Do I really need to install Seat or some other such thing now? Is there some simple solution I’m missing?


Have them all login into an you make/setup. Depending on what you want to track/do (and how many members you have) might be of interest if you wanted to keep things in google sheets. But it does have some limitations due to being on google sheets.

Also read this post on how to deal with security: [5.5.0] GESI - Google Sheets ESI Library - The best thing since the spreadsheet

You write an app, or use someone else’s app.

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