Developer Registration

Hi. I’ve been looking to register as a developer as I’ve had some nifty ideas for using the ESI API. However, I’m not able to as I haven’t paid at least once for anything. Which is also completely understandable as to why that’s in place. As I’m not looking to buy a subscription anytime soon as I’m able to constantly purchase plex with isk I was wondering if there was a workaround of sorts to this. Like another API someone made just for this reason or something like. If there is something kinda like that then let me know. Thanks!

There isn’t. Will have to use a credit/debit card or something to pay for your sub at least once.

Okay. Thanks.

There is good reason there isn’t a workaround. Using a CC lets CCP have a much better idea of who you are, allowing them/legal to track you down should you do something nefarious.

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