Developer Registration not working?

(Aputa Bjosumo) #1

I have been struggling to register as a developer. The registration page says, after logging in, that my account is not valid… But it’s paid for (3 month sub, not via PLEX but through Steam) and has a verified email address, any ideas what I might be doing wrong? Frustrating because I’ve spent lots of time today creating code using Swagger! Want to test it now :roll_eyes:

(CCP Chimichanga) #2

That sounds like something weird. Please open a support ticket here:

(MJ Maverick) #3

To clarify, if my account went alpha, would my SSO portal stop working? This thread raised an eyebrow.

(EveDataRules) #4

It should not. If you have paid ccp real money at some point, you should be able to use it.

(Aputa Bjosumo) #5

To clarify after follow up, as hinted st above, you have to have paid ccp directly in order to register.

(Aurelian Deus) #6

So if I buy 2 Daily Alpha Injector, I can register for developer? Or I should buy PLEX/Omega Status? In the developer registration they say: “developer registration requires that you have paid at least once with one of our valid payment methods other than PLEX”, so I think it’s enough, but I am not sure. Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

(Blacksmoke16) #7

You need to pay with real money at least once. I.e. something from not including plex. E.x. Paypay, credit card, debit card etc.

(Aurelian Deus) #8

OK, so if I buy Daily Alpha Injector, I can register for developer. Thank you! :slight_smile:

(Blacksmoke16) #9

That might work but it would be safer if you paid for your subscription not indirectly for an item.

(Krysenth) #10

I dont believe it will work like that. You will have to have been a subscriber via cash at some point.

(Aurelian Deus) #11

Yes, you are right, I send a ticket to the support team, and they replied the same, for the developer registration I have to buy Omega time subscribtion for real money.

(system) #12

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