I want to be able to use IPH and I need to register as a developer on I’ve always paid for my account through PLEX and I was wondering, do I have to buy a full month of omega or can I buy something cheaper like alpha injectors? Does anyone have any experience with this? I can also submit a support ticket and ask, but I’m not sure what category it should be under.

So…not a NCQ&A thing, then…ok…

Sorry, where should I ask the question/what category of support should it be in. I’m a new player and its a question so I thought I would put it here, I can delete it if you like.

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I’ve done it one time, I’ve been playing for a month, I have less than 2.5m skill points, I think that is a new player. So if you aren’t going to answer my question instead of just insulting me could you tell me where I should be asking?

So quoting your own words and indicating they are difficult to believe as they are contradicting is insulting you? You are going to have a hard time in EvE, my friend.

Edited to remove my answer, because ~

Still have not answered my question or even made an attempt to! I thought the new player fourms will try to be at least a little helpful!

You have to have bought atleast 1 month of game time with Credit Card, to register as a developer.

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So just to confirm it can not be any other thing from the store, it must be game time? Thank you so much for the help! (also should I delete this thread now?)

You have two options, buy Subscription or PLEX from the EVE management website.

This is the message you get

“Your EVE Online account is not valid for the purpose of registering as a developer. While your EVE Online account may be valid for play, developer registration requires that you have paid at least once with one of our valid payment methods other than PLEX as well as verified your email address.”

and it is specified further, here

“You can add a valid form of payment to your account by visiting EVE Account Management and purchasing a PLEX or paying for a subscription in order to satisfy this requirement.”

No, someone else may be in same situation that you are/were in.

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