Can't signup to the Dev ESI

Been playing for 7 years now, i have never entered my credit card nor whatever else in my account, been paying with plex all the time.

Now i can’t sign into the dev esi api, just because of that. Can i have access to it another way ?

No you can’t, to get access to the developer page it’s required that you have paid atleast (min. 1 month subscription) once with a CreditCard.

Thanks for your reply
I think i understand that this requirement is here to prevent multiple people to use the dev api without even playing the game
But in my case i’ve been playing for a long time now
Don’t you think i can do a ticket or anything like that to ask for me to be unlocked ?

That’s not why. it has to do with Legal Issues; CCP needs to know the identity of whom is using their IP (Intellectural Property, Trademarks and so on). When signing the Developer License you aggree to follow the rules; the main one being that under no circumstances are you allowed to take payment in real currency nor any other virtual currency that has a real money value, nor may any App/Content you create be locked behind a PayWall; you may only accept Payment/Donations in the form of ISK (InterStellar Kredit), ingame currency.

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