ESI and Developer Account

Good evening,
please pardon me if this is just a clone topic already answered, but I cannot find what I’m looking for ( or I made wrong searches on topics ). I was registering my account as a Developer Account on the official website ( to start building some application for eve and in meanwhile I was looking at the ESI portal ( to study the routes. Now since the ESI has open access ( or OAuth access on specific “user related” routes), why should I need to register as Dev.Account if all the infos are available via the open api? What exactly a Dev.Account is made for? Because I need to “buy” something ( plex,game time or whatever ) to be able to be a verified dev. account as far as i understood

donations, is this related to the Dev.Account ? Meaning, if i’m going to use the ESI as it is ( no dev. account registration ) can I still accept in-game ISK donation ( voluntary, not forced ) or is this strictly related to the Dev.Account ?

Any further info or link will be appreciated.

You need a developer account if you want to use authenticated endpoints – mostly, that means your app allows characters to login and grant access to private character data.

If you just want to grab public data, you don’t need a developer account.

I don’t think you need to have a developer account to ask for in-game donations.

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