Is this the end?

(Anne Dieu-le-veut) #21

Was gonna link either that or The Doors

(Cipher Jones) #22

Yeah, I remember the one time Eve really was dying. I didn’t think it was because it had already been dying (according to the forums) since I started in '08.

Its probably not dying any slower or faster than it ever was.

(The Magic King) #23

ya EVE is dyin’ It was CCP mustard in the library with the candlestick!

(Inactive Seller) #24

By the way some changes are idiotic.

The agency and the new management of searches is relatively good but dont pass the usability test. Joel Spolsky say the users are happy when they can control the interface, we are taking bad changes and we dont have control, then we like a lot less.

(Tiberius Richesse) #25

It’s quite obviousif you start reading through the lines. The game has become stale, boring and devoid of satisfaction.

(Tiddle Jr) #26

Eve losing its real Lore not the one of connected to Role Play but more important one which sticks you to the monitor over the night and left it fully satisfied not because its boring or freaking TiDi.

Who is running community atm the lonely Falcon? Being in his shoes I would :fu: and slap the door behind me leaving CCP.

(Uriel the Flame) #27

(Kathern Aurilen) #28

I like at a quick glance of the new agency. Listening of incursions, forward operating bases, the “limited” list of agents", resource wars list.

I treat it as a quick glance kind of thing. I don’t depend on it. But it’s ok

(Vokan Narkar) #29

To be honest CCP received lot of criticism immediately after revealing their Agency plans in future development forum. Basically every single player told them the same:

  • we didn’t need something like Agency in first place
  • it is extremelly slow to load - which makes it annoying to use if one wanted to

Idk, I seriously don’t understand it. Why are they developing some new UI nobody asked for and they do so silently and then after they spend their “precious time”, only after they ask players what they think. But since the work was done and time spent even when 99% players will hate it (and I have yet to see anyone who likes Agency as it is now) they will just force us to use it by removing old UI instead.

I understand that after 2 months of working on Agency they cannot really throw it all away and say ok we messed up Agency is fail.

But would be so hard to first ask players how to do stuff instead of do it on their own? (which turned to be fail basically every single case ever since I started playing EVE, maybe new probe scan window but even that was hated by players and while we adapted there are still parts of it annoying me as hell - dscan sound particularry).

(Rivr Luzade) #30

The next expansion will be called “Golden Eye”. :roll_eyes:

They don’t have to throw that work away. Instead, they should put proper work into it. I am one of those who would like to see the Agency become the one stop hub for everything related to PVE (agents, mission log, LP log, escalations, you name it). It could be a really amazing feature if they developed it properly and not willy-nilly like it is now. For instance: It has to be possible to have the Agent Finder in the Agency to be as responsive as the old agent finder because the old agent finder was very fast and responsive already. There is no reason why the agent finder in the Agency window shouldn’t be as responsive and fast. However, CCP introduced reasons and mechanics to make it slow and sluggish. This is why people don’t like it and flip tables.

(Tiberius Richesse) #31

I guess that the best way to remove boredom in null would be nerfing friendship beyond alliance level. That would even the field between organisations and will eliminate the fear thet makes them cluster into a blue doughnut. And for those alliances that are nbsi, you could implement a crime watch with thresholds (player level - at x number of crimes is criminal on our territory; organization level - at x number of criminals organization is -10 on our territory). All with different color coding than concord and with checkboxes for display in: null, low, hi-sec.
Sorry for spelling, phone.

(Rexxar Santaro) #32

CCP should implement a lot of new hi-tech ideas into EVE for this.

(Rexxar Santaro) #33

Ah, that…

The Doors is a pay tribute to GigX and CO2, if to take into consideration the role of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.

I was ready to write an article by mixing EVE and movie events, but at that moment the community was a way too ‘triggered’. Anyway,

"We train young men to drop fire on people, but their commanders won’t allow them to write “■■■■” on their airplanes because it’s obscene!"

  • Colonel Walter E. Kurtz

(Radical Posture) #34

I would pay 500 plex if I could add “@#$%” to the inside of the chat bubble.

(Radical Posture) #35

Hey at least they didn’t try to add that horrific gong sound again.

(Inactive Seller) #36

Dotlan exist.

I need check quick what levelk 4 agents in high sec exist of a copropration and if my character can to do it.

You cant filter by "can / cant " high sec null sec.

I lately use dotlan for seek locations of agents of “home guard” as example.

This is a step in the worng drection, less intuitive.

I am leaving for other reasons missions, but for newbie or some special / normal cases, Agenci dont give the same data.

We need a backup of dotaln, really. Maybe as a zip file of the generated files, but can be “dotlan havoc”

(Nana Skalski) #37

Introducing bug of that textured skybox in game falling on our heads. :ok_hand:

(Abyss Azizora) #38

Oh just the usual stuff, CCP being morons, ignoring botting on a cosmic (economy annhilating) scale. Incapable of adding new mechanics that are balanced/fun/have a damn point to them. And generally no feeling that eve has a future ahead of it.

Same ■■■■, different year. I still put my money on eve surviving another 3 years or so. (Although a steady decline on the way there.)

(Abyss Azizora) #39

I hope not, the last time they kept quiet on a public uproar like this, they lost almost 25-30% of the entire playerbase and subscribers. (According to CCP itself.)

(Ima Wreckyou) #40

Read the comments from CCP Falcon on the threads he closed. Does not sound like they take this serious at all, rather just think it is a minority complaining about a silly chat bubble. While he is probably right, the reaction to it is as always completely unprofessional.