Will It End?

  1. Are the Arena “Events” REALLY temporary?
  2. Will the Trigs “Event” finally end?

Probably not but we can always hope… :wink:


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You can but hope, its like they got bored of the sleepers and didnt know where to go with it so invented trigs, you could always leave and give me your stuff lol.

1 no
2 no

but 2 maybe …one day…
1 definitely no

I want to fly a Trig ship. I hope they don’t cut the invasion short. Plenty of suns in New Eden…

Arena, meh…

:red_circle: What has the world come to that I like a Saltfoam post… Oh right, it was turned to crap by CCP. :facepalm:

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I hope they dont they add additional destruction to the game that is very needed and seem fun.

I dont understand why getting destroyed and loosing something you worked for is fun. I always try my best to avoid getting killed lol

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It’s not necessary getting destroyed that is fun, it’s the activities you do while getting destroyed. Every fun activity in this game require to put yourself at risk. You have to accept that potentially dying in the process is part of it.

I for one don’t understand why you would ever play this game if you restrain yourself to the safe activities. They are so boring in themself that it’s just not worth opening EvE to do them.

The fun part is where getting destroyed and losing something you worked for, could happen.

If it happens I’m sad. If it cannot happen I’m bored. Fun is what happens in between certain survival and certain death: it’s the uncertainty, the rush of adrenaline when you suddenly notice you may be about to die, yet survive anyway.


its like any competitive sport , football for example , no one play for losing , they play for the trill to face other human beings (the best opponent ever) and emerge victorious
spoilers …sometimes you lose

Guys please. It’s one o.


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Of course they are temporary. Those nullsec filaments were temporary. The Sansha invasion can’t last forever, either.

lol i copy the extra o

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Is EVE temporary? Is life?

Yes Salt, rest assured. It will all end eventually.

Only the dead have seen the end of Eve expansions

There are nearly 3000 high sec and low sec systems so yes. there is a finite number of invasions.

I liked eve better when the focus on the content was between players. I don’t trust ccp’s neutrality. I don’t trust the CSM…I don’t trust anyone associated to this game :smiley:


Please, loosen up a bit :wink:

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