Is Triglavians = Takmahl = Conformists?

Short story

Long long time ago conformists entered New Eden few of them decide to go by them self and formed fight club evolution through conflict [ Sani Sabik ] others stayed in Amarr others went to other regions. FIN


7989 AD The conformists start migrating to New Eden, spurred on by Dano Gheinok, one of their leaders, Gheinok manages to direct them to the planet of Athra.

8000 AD Dano Gheinok proclaims himself prophet and sets the foundations of the Amarr theocratic state to come.

Is trigs ancestors of comformist, sect or cult?

A fourth ancient civilization, the Takmahl, arose later as an offshoot of Amarr exiles.

small groups of Sani Sabik departed for parts unknown, to settle new colonies and build their strength.

One such group departed soon after spaceflight was developed, using primitive cryo-ships to settle far from the Amarr homeworld in the Araz constellation. These early settlers founded the Takmahl empire, which grew to great technological heights within a few hundred years. The empire, however, floundered and eventually collapsed under its own religion, leaving behind only scattered relics.

Separated from each other, these cults each developed in their own ways.

“And so it was,
That Gheinok led his people on the great exodus,
To the land of our Salvation,
To the land of God,
To the land of his Chosen,
To Athra.”

  • The Scriptures, Gheinok the First 1:32

“By His light, and His will”

  • The Scriptures, Gheinok the First, 12:32

Skill book :The Takmahl nation excelled in cybernetics and bio-engineering. (ingame iteam)

Sani Sabik Sermon: (ingame iteam)

"… and in Scripture God says, you are all my creation! You are all equal in my kingdom! We all can become His chosen, if only we rise! If only we rise. If only we rise.

They won’t teach you that part of Scripture in the Empire. Whether you are Minmatar or whether you are Ealur, or whether you are Ni-Kunni or even whether you are some common-blooded True Amarr, if you are not one of them in power they do not want you to know that. Because they do not want you to be one of them. They do not want to have to share that power. They don’t want to share that power with you. But is that God’s will?

Is that what God wants from us? No! You are equal in my kingdom! That is what God says! Whether you are Minmatar or Ealur or Ni-Kunni or True Amarr, you are all His creation! You have to rise. If you keep submitting then that’s all you’re ever going to do. That’s all you’re ever going to be. That’s not what God wants. That is not what God wants.

Rise. Reclaim yourself. You are powerful not because you were born that way or because your family has a lot of money or because someone gave it to you. You are powerful because you are you. You are God’s Chosen. We are all God’s Chosen. As long as we choose to be. We have to choose to rise."

– Transcript of a sermon given to worshippers by the Sani Sabik priest Sharham Kaholan, an Ealur.


Yes, Archon, all synchronized before we left on the mission.”

“There we are then and, Matshi? Please, I am just Veniel now. Many titles I have had. Archon. Polemarkos. Prophet. Renegade. Demon.” Veniel smiled again, “Now I have none. This is the way of things. What we are is not a constant. We are what we do and what we do changes according to the times. For you too, this has happened and will happen again.”

“Peace now, Matshi, and remember, I am just Veniel now.” The Jove’s voice was now pitched soft and calm. “I know, you who have spent more time around Jove than most must find it strange to witness one of us wax so emotional.”

In 1 body [2 persons (2 soul??)]???

the law of one mind in one body had not been abandoned by the Stasis faction of Anoikis

Sleepers or Drifters Arhitekts?

What are they building and why are they so hostile to the Amarr Empire? So many questions.” Veniel smiled at his former student once more and, extraordinarily, winked.

Sleepers or Drifters Arhitekts law 1 body 1 soul

“Imagine if the bars to your prison were all you had ever known.
Then one day, someone appears and unlocks the door.
If they have the power to do this, then are they really the liberator?
You never remembered who it was that closed you in.”

Ior Labron, Founder, Society of Conscious Thought

Once we were mighty,

Stars bent to our will,

Our reach was infinite,

Our power incontestable,

With outstretched hands we tried,

To touch the face of perfection,

But we came too close,

To that which is not due mortals,

And our punishment is our curse,

Our endless sorrow.

old Jovian poem


Is trigs is part of comformist, sect or cult?

Meby trigs need to know [ Dano Gheinok ] and [ Sani Sabik] (Blood Seed) maby someone can writ in local wher trigs are.

War of a Million Lies ( what isit?)

Trigs are making singularity from sun?

H ow did they get to abis and when? Why?

why are they emerging now?

why drifters isnt atacking in K spase trigs

why they are in suits ? (drifters have 1 soul 1 body+you need to be born [arhitekts put thet law] maby trigs have 3 soul 1 body or 1 body 2 soul )

The Prophecy of Macaper last 4 events? Amar timeline Constellation Araz Where Amar cossmos agents locaited

“the little brother makes the final sorrowful steps home; he is not welcome”

They were chased there. Presumably by the “ancient enemy” which is most likely Jove that became the sleepers/drifters.

There’s a bunch of good stuff in this thread.


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