Portals and potentiality

Out of respect for ARC I have located a request for further information here.

What are the probabilities of EoM “Gates of Paradise” and Triglavian “Anchor Gates” being one and the same?

Dear ms. Tem, I cannot claim the same level of expertise as mr. Anteovnuecci. But, personally, I am convinced that the EoM believe that Eve Gate is the gate to paradise. In the following source:

I find the following quote about these foul heretics: “They believe that only by exterminating most of the life in the cluster will the EVE Gate eventually reopen, allowing those who remain (assumed by the Equilibrium to be themselves) access to a paradise that awaits on the other side.”

Yet I must confess I am not familiar with the Triglavian anchor gates, sadly I am more familiar with Kybernauts’ lasers.

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I think the Triglavian Anchorages are supposed to lead to their original home. This is obviously just speculation and nothing more, though.

Whereas Mr. Savnar is correct. The EoM’s supposed gate to paradise is the EVE Gate in the New Eden system in Genesis.

Besides being hyperaggressive and crazy, the Triglavians and EoM don’t share all that many things.

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