Is your corp looking for a Wormhole to call home? We’re Mostly Stable [ImOk]

:space_invader: Mostly Stable [ImOk] :space_invader:

*** NOTE *** This post is for alliance recruitment. If you are looking for a corporation to join, please see our corp recruitment thread here. If you have a small but ambitious corp and are looking for an established Wormhole to call your own, read on!

About Us

Mostly Stable is a brand new and growing wormhole alliance backed by an experienced and dedicated Wormhole corp. The alliance was formed by Reunincapacitated Industries as a way to further expand our influence by bringing other like-minded corps into the fold. We participate in every aspect of EVE from PVP to mining and industry. Our members are mature. We do not run mandatory ops, we do not allow video game drama, and we have no bare minimum activity level for our members. Real life and having fun come first. We are primarly US timezone based, but are open to other timezones to provide some around-the-clock coverage.

About You

We’re looking for small and motivated corps who are seeking a great wormhole alliance to mutually benefit from. We want corps who fit with our culture and are willing to take whatever content comes their way. Feel like mining? Great! Feel like ninja plexing through nullsec? Awesome! Want to go roaming and blow things up? Even better!

What We Offer

  • Established C1 with a Null static
  • 24/7 access to moon mining belts
  • Variety of structures capable of supporting any type of industry desired
  • Good variety of planets for PI
  • Active Slack and Discord channels for communication

What? A C1?

Yes indeed. We chose our system carefully. The Nullsec static provides constant content variety. Some days we’ll be connected to the heart of a large coalition’s mining space and can strike without being seen on intel channels. Other days we’ll be connected to a remote corner of NPC space and can farm sites there to our heart’s content. Random connections add even more variety, and give us a reliable source of empire connections to haul out loot. If mining is your thing, moon drilling means there’s never a shortage of rocks to mine.

This sounds awesome, we want to join!

Post here, mail us in-game, or stop by our in-game channel: “Mostly Stable”. A diplo will be with you shortly and we can discuss how your corp would fit into our alliance. Hope to see you soon!

Are you planning on doing BlOPS?

As soon as CCP releases a Black Ops under 20 million mass

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No matter how hard I try it just won’t fit

Ugh, I’ll keep this SFW and walk away.

Well that’s sad, should never pass up such a golden opportunity!

The search is on!

Still looking for corps

Can’t find a more relaxed place to grow your corp!

To the top


Still stable. Mostly


Uppidy, for those who aren’t quitting eve over recent ccp acquisition

Yup still recruiting.

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