Is Your Safety Set To Red?

We are Safety Set To Red . Proud member of Aggressively Average . We offer PvP opportunities to both new and veteran pilots. You will have access to Great FCs who will lead Small and medium sized fleets . We live in a target rich lowsec in Minmatar FW space.

We’re looking for:


-Capital Pilots

- Black Ops Pilots

-Sub Cap Pilots

- Willing to train into alliance fleet doctrines

-Must have a Mic and be able to be on Teamspeak3 while online in EVE.

Here are some activities we do:

-Low Sec Roams

- Gate Camps

-Black ops

- Capital Drop

- Small Gang/Nano

25 Mill SP min. Come join us in our public channel. Safety Red Lounge and remember to ALLWAYS BE SAFTEY ON RED

is your pee yellow? if it is, drink more water.

OoH, that should be my new corp name. hehe

yea i’ll see myself out the door.

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