ISK limit for public kill mails

I recently had interesting discussion about EVE. People said that kill board system is bad since it reveals where you are.

On the other hand I think insanely expensive kill mails are salt of EVE.

I propose ISK limit for public kill mails. Limit like 10B would cut off all but the most expensive kill mails from public eye.

Feel free to comment my idea!

By default, killmails are private to the person who landed the killing blow, and the person who lost the ship. Either of those people may choose to allow ESI access to their mails for loss reporting to a corp or zKill, but nothing defaults to being published without someone consenting.

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Yeah, CCP would have to implement public kill mails first before they could limit them. Makes the entire idea sadly pointless.

Not true, since anyone who sees the killmail in game can copy the external link for it and paste to Zkill.

You mean, like the people who received the killmail, or the ones who get them shown? I think even a lawyer would have trouble defending something as “published without consenting” if the “victim” has to publish something first. You’d have an argument if people were driving to players’ homes and forcing them to publish their killmails at gunpoint, but that wouldn’t be something CCP could do something about.

To see the killmail in game, one of the two recipients has to share it. So it didn’t default to being published - one of the recipients made it available to others for access.

Have you ever heard of “Locator agents”? There are in-game NPCs that you pay a tiny fee and they’ll tell you the location of another player in minutes.

Killmails are fun for some people no matter their value.

It’d be a shame to deny kill mails for cheap kills as that would include a lot of people’s first kills. Their ‘magic moments’.

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Not entirely.
Corp members can see it.
Wardec kills are publicly available too.

Otherwise carry on, if you didn’t fly it you couldn’t lose it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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why do people care so much that theres a record of their ship loss?

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