ISK/LP Sink + More SKINs available

There are a number of SKINs associated with various NPC corps, such as Kaalakiota and Wiyrkomi. They were shorter runs, and have yet to be cycled. What would give them a way to make a comeback is to add them to loyalty point stores for their respective corporations.

To keep their value from plummeting for the hodlers, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to make them require more than a trifle to purchase … just pulling random numbers from thin air, 100K LP and 200M Isk for a BS-class skin would still keep them with quite a bit of value.

Someone looking for a specific currently-unavailable SKIN could obtain one with a bit of work. Someone intent on collecting them all would be forced to spend tremendous amounts of time, LP, and Isk to obtain every one running missions for many corporations.


Permanently unlocked skins are bad business model, imo.

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