More LP store SKINs

This idea has been floated around before but a suggestion for it has never been made. At the moment, LP (Loyalty Point) store SKINs are rare. The only ones who give them out, to my knowledge, are CONCORD, through the DED, and also the resource war corporations (Republic Fleet Ordnance, Federal Strategic Material, State Military Stockpile, and Imperial War Reserves).

This should also be extended to other corporations. The SKINs already exist, though they’ve long been taken out of circulation: i.e. the Thukker skins and other Minmatar tribal skins, Ammatar skins, etc. These should be added to their respective LP stores; i.e. Thukker skins become available at the Thukker Council, Mix, and Trust Partners LP stores, Ammatar SKINs at the Ammatar Fleet LP store, etc.

For a full list:

  • “Amarr Industrial Livery” become available at Amarr Trade Registery, Carthum Conglomerate, Imperial Shipment, Joint Harvesting
  • “Angel Industrial Livery” becomes available at Salvation Angels
  • “Blood Raider Industrial Livery” becomes available at Blood Raiders
  • “Blood Raiders” become available at Blood Raiders
  • “Caldari Industrial Livery” becomes available at CBD Corporation, Hyasyoda Corporation, Ishukone Corporation, Kaalakiota Corporation, Lai Dai Corporation, Nugoeihuvi Corporation, PKN Interstellar, Prompt Delivery, Sukuuvestaa Corporation, Wiyrkomi Corporation
  • “Caldari Navy” becomes available at Caldari Navy, State Protectorate
  • “Federation Navy” becomes available at Federal Defense Union, Federation Navy
  • “Gallente Industrial Livery” becomes available at Astral Mining Inc., Federal Freight, Quafe Company, TransStellar Shipping
  • “Guristas Industrial Livery” becomes available at Guristas Production
  • “Guristas” becomes available at Guristas
  • “Imperial Navy” becomes available at 24th Imperial Crusade, Amarr Navy
  • “Intaki Syndicate” becomes available at Intaki Syndicate
  • “Khanid” becomes available at Royal Khanid Navy
  • “Minmatar Industrial Livery” becomes available at Boundless Creation, Core Complexion Inc., Minmatar Mining Corporation, Native Freshfood
  • “Nefantar” becomes available at Ammatar Fleet
  • “Republic Fleet” becomes available at Republic Fleet
  • “Sansha Industrial Livery” becomes available at True Creations
  • “Serpentis” becomes available at Serpentis Corporation
  • “Thukker Tribe” becomes available at Thukker Council, Thukker Mix, Trust Partners

This’ll open up a new market and bring back old SKINs for those that want to roleplay as their favorite factions, and this could be extended further to also add SKINs for corporations, such as the individual Tribes, Corporations, and Families that form apart of the Minmatar, the Caldari, and the Amarr respectively. This would tank the prices of the current in-market SKINs, but this could be compensated by making the LP store prices expensive too.

You have a chance at getting all of the industrial livery skins that you want from killing the appropriate NPC hauler and opening the strongbox it drops. I’d rather you didn’t tank the entire skin market for those of us who blap NPC haulers and sell these skins so you don’t have to…

Are those the only SKINs that you can do that for, because if so, his point still stands, it would be a benefit to be able to use LP for those SKINs as well. Plus that would be adding another way to acquire/sell SKINs.

I really want CNH Ghostbird and the rest of the Deathglows, but I have no idea how to get them.

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