ISK sink and the March release

Hello everyone,
apology first, english is not my first language and so there could be bad gramma and misspelling in the following post.

I´m opening this topic to give my feedback about march release (specifically respawn rates) and present some ideas I think worth discussing.

As most of the affected ppl, I´m not happy with the new respawn rates. But don´t get me wrong, I´m well aware that something had to be done about the ISK faucet. With my Super I can create 300-360kk ISK/h (rere spawns and escalations not included), which means I can get enought to PLEX my account in like 6h playtime. Still, the solution CCP introduced here is far from optimal. It´s almost as if they came together in a meeting and someone said:
“We gotta do something”
“No matter what, they will be pissed”
“We could,…” - “OK let´s do it, no time for second thoughts!”
It´s true, no matter what you change in a system, someone will get pissed, but now ppl are pissed for 2 reasons where only one was inevitable. They get less ISK/h (which is the minor Problem) and they get interrupted in there playstyle buy periods of nothing to do.
“You could do other things or move to another location!” some say, but in most cases it´s not so easy and many ppl just don´t want to do something else.

It would have been so much easier and more fair to just cut the income. Let´s throw around some numbers…ISK sinks & faucets, Feb. 2019 claims the the faucets measure 127,5% of the sink(+delta)
which is indeed a problem. Let´s say something around 108% would be fine, then you can calculate how much you have to cut from every editable faucet (not only bounty payouts).
Everyone could just keep on playing as they did before, they would just earn less ISK.
Why are bountys or mission rewards or NPC-prices fixed, they could change to compensate inflation/deflation…just an idea.

There are other ways to fight inflation, too. Instead of decreasing income you could also increase costs.

  • There could be a minimum tax on transactions (whenever ISK moves from 1 account to another 1% could just evapurate.
  • Why is gatetravel for free? let´s say 1ISK/50t mass…
  • Are there ppl laboring at upwellstructures? If yes, why don´t they get paid?

…that last one is my favorite, it could open up new deeps in the way Space is claimed and maybe I´ll write about it later, but I think it´s enought for now.

Put simply, the march changes, and the upcoming capital rebalance WILL affect the inflation rates. but the crucial difference as opposed to many of your suggestions, it will only affect the income of the top% of players, rather than everyone.

for example, a blanket reduction of 10% to all bounty payouts, would affect the lowly VNI ratter just as much as it would the super-ratter. the crucial difference however, being that for the VNI ratter that 10% represents a large part of their ability to progress in the game, to fly more pvp ships, to get into larger hulls etc. for the super-ratter though, while yes that 10% reduction isn’t going to make them happy, if they can already afford a super, then they are fairly well off isk wise, and won’t feel the pinch nearly as much. especially since, even after the nerf, their income is still considerably more than the person flying the VNI.
The changes they are rolling out though, with the increase to anomaly spawn time, and the nerf to capital and super application on sub-caps, will have a net impact on the super-ratters income (not able to chain anomalies as well, and taking longer to clear them) which will naturally decrease the isk entering the game. Meanwhile those changes have no real affect on the VNI ratter, since they aren’t running the anom’s that got nerfed in the first place, and even if they are, they can’t clear them quickly enough for chaining to become a real issue.

That is the root of why blanket adjustments to sinks and faucets is rarely the best course of action, because the people who are responsible for the bulk of it, are also the people who will feel the affects of any such changes the least. while those who are starting out, or even the “Average” player would be disproportionately affected by it, when they aren’t actually the ones causing the issue in the first place.

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As every ISK added to the pool counts, I can´t see why it should not hit everyone the same way.

But to give you credit, I admit, that it would probably hurt the few independent solo VNI (or other small ship like Gila) more…but only if you look at ISK. I´m not one of those super longtimeplayers that have been around when eve was born and I havn´t tryed out everything or even most activitys the game has to offer, I´m a PVE ratter and I like this. I can fly a Super and I do from time to time, but not so often because the Risk is to high (I´m not living under Umbrella). More often I use my Gila clearing anomalys and it pays out like 1/3 to 1/2 of the theoretic Superincom (no neut for hours and no rl interfearing), just not in ISK but in Items to sell for ISK. So I would say that most of the players using a VNI (etc) to actually play the game (not to bot) earn their money in the marked by selling their loot and that would stay untouched.

Additionaly I don´t know how it is in other Nullregions, but in our space, there are at least 10 VNI per ratting Super and I guarantee that they produce more ISK than the Super.

btw… a VNI hull costs 60KK a Superhull 13-16KKK so, without fitting its almost 217 times more expensive, but you only earn 7 to 10 times the ISK with it…this feels a bit like punishment for your achievements…just saying

last but not least it stays the same…if you feel like nerfing Superratters, than do so by reducing bountys on the yet changed anomalys and reset the spawn time to what it was before, cause ppl are more pissed to sit around doing nothing than they are about lost income.

Welcome to EVE, ■■■■■■■ carebears.

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Its a matter of scale, and it wouldn’t actually hit everyone the same way.
lets say we have 2 people, one ratting in a VNI, one ratting in a super. just for ease of numbers lets say the VNI pilot is earning 60m/hr, while the super ratter is earning 300m/hr. so 5 times as much, which means that 1 super will be contributing 5 times the amount towards the games inflation as the VNI ratter is.
now lets say they roll out a blanket 10% nerf to rat bounties. the VNI pilot is now earning 54m/hr, while the super ratter is only earning 270m. okay so the super pilot has lost 5 times more of their income. that all seems fair enough.
Except the effects of those changes are not the same, lets say both pilots are saving up for a dread hull for… reasons… doesn’t really matter, i’m just picking dreads because they hover around 1b, you can substitute in anything else you like.
prior to the changes, the super ratter would have needed to spend 3.3 hrs to save up the isk. after the changes, 3.7 hrs, so not even an extra 30 minutes to save up that amount of isk.
the VNI ratter who’s saving up for the same goal, would have needed to rat for 16hrs. now needs to rat for 18.5 hrs.
and since time, is ultimately the most valuable asset we have in game, we see the person who is contributing the least out of the 2 towards inflation, is needing to put in 5x more work to reach the same goals.

Items dropped by NPC’s do not contribute towards inflation, since when they are sold on the market no new isk is generated, it simply changes hands from one player to another. the only exception to this is blue-loot from sleepers which is sold to npc buy orders.

They effectively did do this, in a sort of round-about way that will only affect capitals, by nerfing titan haw damage, and carrier and super fighter application to smaller ships it means longer clear times per anomaly, which will reduce the overall isk/hr, and coincidentally mean that the increased spawn time will be less of a factor. doesn’t matter if the anomaly takes 2 minutes longer to spawn, if you are taking 2 minutes longer to clear each one, you can still chain them with little to no down-time.

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