Sweet, sweet, Vindication [Equalization of isk sink and faucets] thread

Around 2 years ago I made a thread topic expressing my concern over the fundamental mismatch between isk faucets (isk inflation) and isk sinks (isk deflation) in the game. I proposed the equalization of isk sinks and faucets over time to increase the overall health of the game economy.

I even used PLEX as the prime indicator towards seeing the effect of isk inflation in EVE due to it’s fundamental disconnect from the overall economy. Many argued I didn’t know what I was talking about, but I have a fairly good grasp of economics and monetary theory so as to know I was correct. I saw a fundamental problem in the EVE economy which I attempted to bring up so that it was hopefully seen and eventually fixed so as to increase it’s overall health. And now, 2 years after my thread, I hear Hellmar in an interview on walking in stations talk about the mismatch between isk faucets and sinks. Also, he talked about PLEX prices being the main indicator as to isk inflation in EVE. Apparently over the next few months this problem will finally start to be fixed.

This “Chaos Era” is shaping up to be the biggest shake up in EVE’s history and will finally fix some of the longstanding fundamental flaws in the game. I’m not sure if my thread sparked an investigation into isk inflation in EVE, but I tried to bring it to the attention of CCP and the players.

This day is a day of vindication for me. I’ve heard the latest economic report is ready or almost ready and that is was postponed due to the vacation season in Iceland. I hope to read mention of this economic issue in the report when it’s released :slight_smile:

Orginal thread: Equalization of isk sink and faucets

CCP Blackout Interview with Hellmar
Go to 1:29:00 in the interview to hear about the isk inflation issue I brought up 2 years ago that’s now apparently getting fixed :slight_smile:

It is already published. You’re redundant.

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Indeed the interview was already in General Discussion before I posted (didn’t see it). However, I’m just pointing out how I mentioned a major fundamental issue in EVE’s economy regarding ISK inflation 2 years ago with the solution being to equalize both isk faucets and isk sinks. Apparently CCP at first glance seems to be heading down the route of trying to disrupt isk faucets through disruptive means towards those engaging in isk grinding activity. I would’ve gone with an algorithm that measures isk faucets and sinks so that isk faucets can be reduced proportionately overtime to be in line with isk sinks (isk deflation/destruction).

I can only take the interview at face value for now as I don’t have the details about how they truly intend to fix this issue, but I’m happy to see it’s getting the focus it deserves now.

i think he meant the MER. It has been published for couple of days already.

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