WoW vs. EvE

It’s really becoming fun to compare WoW to EvE. Would be fun to see everyone’s experience.

The first thing I notice is it seems Blizzard cant manage their virtual economy for shhhhhht.

Meanwhile EvE seems to have it well locked down. Better than the US federal reserve and its own currency. What’s up with that?



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Its managed by the players, not by CCP.

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That’s not entirely true. Faucets and sinks are game mechanisms. If you want to consider CCP considers players then it is player influenced…sure.

WoW’s is total trash.

Another difference is in EvE Alphas are actually useful and can play the full MMO.

In WoW your “starter” can’t even trade. They neuter you so much its pathetic. Why would I want to “try” an mmo as a single player that cant do anything with anyone?

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But whether or not players participate in those faucets and sinks is wholly up to the player. Its up to the players if they want to wage a 100 titan war and shoot each other senseless, increasing the prices for modules. Its up to the players who hunt the rorquals to increase or decrease the prices of minerals.


Yeah definitely. Why I mentioned it is theres a lot of blog history about this issue with WoW’s sinks in particular.

I look at EvE monthly econ reports and they seem to keep a good balance (tight money supply) for a long time.

The WoW blogs were constantly complaining how Blizz would release a HUGE faucet. Let the economy crash. Then try to fix it with too-little-too late sinks.

The other issue is probably “stuff”.

EvE stuff actually goes boom.

In WoW it looks like it just accumulates. which has always been something I’ve hated about softcore games.

Or a mining consortium like OPEC to coordinate and control prices.

But I dont know of or see any such cartels in EvE

You cannot see the wood for the trees, friend.


Not true. I didn’t mean the cartels dont exist…I mean I literally cant find them. Not like they publically advertise and declare what they want.

Yeah, they should change WoW so that once you die, half your equipment drops, the other half gets destroyed. They should make this change in like 1 day, and mention it in some obscure section of the forums, then release a new raid.


They could always say it was a glitch if players are toooooooo whiny.

one of our engineers put the wrong integer in a loot flag. Resulting in randomized drops instead of full drops.

If the whine isnt too bad they can roll with it lol.

Definitely. I mean how can it be when your flying machine never crashes and explodes.

Theres just no sink…

Blizzard’s idea of a sink is stuff people want to buy.

But ok. I buy a bunch of stuff then decide to sell…now your economy is garbage.

More like, One of our engineers put the wrong integer in a loot flat, resulting in randomized drops instead of NO drops. Sorry for the inconvenience, we will be sure to delete your other items that dropped when you died.

And yeah, the whine will be really really bad.

I havent played WoW since 2006ish? So I definitely dont remember how it was played.

I guess NOT dropping means its pick up able only by you?

Or are all items destroyed when you get killed now? Lol

No, its like EVE.

Half the stuff you have on you, gets dropped and picked/usable by anyone.

The other half is destroyed.

This will either break or save WoW, if implemented.

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I mean what is it currently in WoW? You do keep all your stuff right?

Of course. Its still WoW after all.

It shows. They have a pseudo-PLEX and some large sinks. Repair costs are probably still not high enough.

Little snide llol

The talent that created both games have long gone, replaced by incompetent left brainer ex player-developers who understand how to analyse a spreadsheet but don’t understand the meaning of “fun”.

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