ISO HS PVE Alliance

Looking For
:slight_smile: Active PvE Alliance to put Corp in. I am Not looking to join a Corp.
:slight_smile: High Sec Only
:slight_smile: Wardec Ineligible
:slight_smile: Comms
:slight_smile: USTZ, East If Possible
:slight_smile:The Citadel Area
:slight_smile: Weekly Group Activites

I Bring 126m sp and 4 alts 56-6m sp. Orca boost, Skiff miners and a Freighter. The 56m Is my wifes but if shes not on I usually have it slaving for me.

I’m generally on weekends but do still have 4/6 kids at home and a wife sooo that may not always happen. Weeknights are hit and miss, I like to sleep but if there is something going on I make a real effort to be around. I am East Coast US weeknights I’m off by 9pm…11 if its a must be on thing.

Send me a in game mail.

Is there no HS Alliances with no structures…near Jita :slight_smile:

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