Returning player 5 accounts lf hs amarr home preferably with wh access

Looking either to join a corp, or possibly join a HS alliance if that is feasible.

Returning player here, mostly have done pvp and combat PvE for the entire time I have been playing (started in 06). Anyways I have a 65 mil sp main, nearly maxed orca booster, and 4 other alts for various purposes (rolling holes, probing with astero/stratios, mining, etc…) pretty much you need a subcap function I have a toon or two who does it.

I am only so interested in pvp (I am planning on doing NPSI stuff like Bombers Bar to get my kicks out). But the remainder of the time I am looking for people to chat with while mining, running missions/sites/incursions or going exploring (I have an ungodly amount of wh experience). I am however not always going to be on discord/comms of whatever sort (obviously when doing 0.0, low, or WH stuff I will, and probably most of the time aside from that, I just work from home as a sound engineer, so I have to have my ears available for work when I am multiboxing my miners.

All in all I have 5 accounts. Three are predominately combat based (pve and pvp), with the remainder having utility uses in that regard. I have a 4 barge/exhumer + orca mining combo going on, with all the miners being able to fly gall indy for hauling PI, ore, minerals, ice etc cheaply and in bulk.

For PvE I typically triple box Heavy Missile Tengus with t2 fits for everything (working one up to nighthawk for shield links.

I am mostly looking for somewhere I can mine with others for a good long time each day, Preferably in a situation where it isnt belt mining, but moon mining daily would be nice, doing so in a WH would be even better.

I am however not interested in 0.0 or low sec living. The only non HS situation I would be interested in would be a WH corp with a static high sec.

If interested feel free to message me in game, if I dont immediately respond I probably have that (this) toon minimized for some reason. Thanks for your time,


Welcome back.

As an FYI, moon mining has been nerfed to ■■■■ in WH space where it’s not worth sadly.

Oh didnt know that. Thanks for the info Ill do a looksie up on it.

i think althow you have no intrest in 0.0 we can giv a lot of funn to ure playstile
just take a look and lets have a talk

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