Isolated Constellations

So, using the current mechanics of wormholes creating tunnels between linked parts of New Eden, perhaps we could have constellations isolated by wormholes that are only accessible by those wormholes but cannot be accessed by wormholes that appear in Anoikis - although these constellations do not appear in the actual universe map (much like Anoikis does not) so the mystery behind these forgotten systems remains. It could be the case that these constellations ARE accessible by the Empire factions and CONCORD but cannot be regularly accessed. This gives all of them a sec status of 0.5 or below. Another part of this idea that these systems take part in Faction Warfare just as much as normal gameplay. They could also have spawns or ore not typical for their designated security status, providing an interesting mix between standard and abnormal discoveries.

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Wants a constellation worth of systems to play with. Doesn’t want to play with others.

Am i right?

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it sounds cool But I agree with Daichi Yamato

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