[Issue] - 25th November 2022 - Proving Grounds Not Providing ISK


We’re aware of an issue in which participants in ‘Prophecy FFA Proving Grounds’ are not receiving the ISK rewards.

This issue will be resolved at downtime tomorrow (26th November) and anyone who has earned ISK between downtime today and tomorrow will have their ISK rewards granted to them next week.

We will update this thread once the ISK rewards have been granted. Thanks for your patience and enjoy the weekend.

-CCP Arcade


What? You mean people are doing it for the isk? I thought it was supposed to be fun in itself.


I didn’t know isk was a reward for the proving grounds. I thought the reward was the prestige and bragging rights for being the best pvper.

I think it would be more meaningful if isk was removed as a reward.


Well just like in real life, money (or ISK in this case) is a great motivator for player participation…

Anyway, good to see CCP is quick to fix the issue, especially since it pertains to player rewards…


what in the highsec carebear was this reply.

hmmm… the problem is the event devolves into a specific meta that end up being who can out kite who or who happen to land the best shots.

I do it because there is a chance you get a random drop when you win of trig clothing. So far, I have collected 5 Trig combat armor that sells for over 10bil. Like the one I am wearing now.



The ISK rewards were distributed on Friday the 9th December. Thanks again for your patience and for participating.


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