Proving ground did not open after downtime on August the 20th

No one seems able to enter the proving ground. The proving ground windows still shows the “Foundation Day FFA Proving Ground” and tring to use the 1v1 destroyer filament lead to the messages “The Proving Grounds are closed for this filament”.
Is the 1v1 destroyer proving ground only starting the 21st ?
Is it a bug ?
Loking forward for more inforamtion

found your post, because i was wondering if I am doin something wrong, or if its just not yet active.

any official word?

There’s no announcement of a new proving ground on the launcher. That this splash screen showed up feels like a simple mistake by CCP.

The event was planned from August 20th to 24th. I beleive all other proving ground have started after downtimes on friday.

According t twitter the event has been postponed :

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Glad I found this, I was very disappointed with the message I received after just having got my hands on some filaments and fitting up a ship.

I havent done a proving ground event yet.

What kind of filament do you need for this?
Is it 3 rooms ?
Is there a separate one for getting in then getting out?

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