Issue booking discount through eve fanfest site

Hello all hope this is the right place to post this. I will be attending Evefanfest 2020 and have been trying to book my hotel through the links provided on the fanfest website but when I got to the hotels page and try to enter the promo code which is EVEFAN20 according to the fanfest website it says invalid promo code. Does anyone know if its a mistake or if there is something else I have to do? I have reached out to the hotel and have yet to receive an answer back from them so figured I would ask here as well

So just to update any1 who looked at this post… I was able to get the discount by contacting the hotel directly, and they were able to book me but as of 1/15/2020 the website still will not accept the discount promo code. So any1 who is trying to book your hotels just mention the eve fanfest to the hotel and I’m sure they will help you book like they did me, save yourself the online aggravation.