Issue claiming Omega double exp weekend reward

I logged in as Alpha clone but decided the extra exp was worth it, so I upgraded to Omega. However I can’t seem to claim the Day 1 Omega skill points.
Image of the issue is below.

I’d file a ticket mate. See if they can sort it out for you

I don’t see the “claim all” button for day 1 which suggests you may have claimed the reward before upgrading. If true, you really aren’t entitled to the Omega reward but, in the circumstances the GM may give it to you anyway since the intended purpose of the reward (getting you to upgrade) was achieved!

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Day 2, Omega. Claim all.

Click. Click. Click click click click click etc.

None of my accounts let me click. Yesterday I believe it behaved the same way until downtime hit. Time will tell (or at least one more hour of time).

Same. Clicking Day 2 does nothing…click…click…click

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