Issue: Ore Compression GUI does not accept drag and drop items

When attempting to compress ores in Eve Online using the Ore Compression GUI, there is a critical issue where the drag and drop functionality is not working as intended. Normally, players should be able to drag items directly from their ship’s cargo hold into the compression GUI for convenient and efficient ore compression. However, in the current state of the game, this feature is non-functional, forcing players to rely solely on the right-click menu to transfer items into the compression GUI.

Steps to Reproduce:

Open Eve Online and navigate to a station or structure with the Ore Compression GUI.
Undock with a ship containing ore in its cargo hold.
Attempt to drag and drop the ore items from the ship's cargo hold directly into the compression GUI.
Notice that the items do not move into the compression GUI, and no feedback or error message is provided.

Expected Behavior:
When dragging ore items from the ship’s cargo hold into the Ore Compression GUI, the items should be visually transferred to the GUI, indicating successful drag and drop functionality. This would allow players to compress ores more efficiently and streamline their gameplay experience.

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