Issues with logging into sisi

As the title says. I have been trying to log onto sisi for some time now and I just am never able to. Why? Well, the account I am most developed in and want to test stuff in is linked to steam, and I know that logging into sisi with the steam log-in system was having issues, so I linked a username and password to it so I can just use the normal log-in panel on the launcher, but now when I am trying to log into sisi I am having a log-in error message saying that my username or password was wrong. I made sure that what I put in was correct and it was. Can anyone come up with theories as to why this is happening?

That still has to be synced with the mirror. So either way you are out until the next mirror

do we know when the next mirror happens?

Possibly September


Create your eve online TQ account from steam, and when the mirror hits, it will carry that over. But you cannot create a sisi log in without having one from TQ.

My bad meant SiSi not steam

I meant that I gave my TQ steam account a username and password that I can use if the steam log-in system was not working for some reason.

If it was done before June 1, you should have been able to access it possibly. After June 1, you can’t until the next mirror

Fairly sure I did that after June 1st

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