[ISSW] I’m Sorry Shoot What? - Recruitment briefly open for EUTZ pvpers

I’m Sorry Shoot What? is a corporation in WE FORM V0LTA living staging in LS near null and with access to Thera, we are looking for dedicated pvpers who enjoy small gang and mid sized fleets. We are looking to recruit 4-5 people who are active in EU TZ and can meet our requirements and will enjoy the plentiful content provided by the corp and alliance.

What we offer

  • Members and FCs who are trash
  • Plenty of content: Everything from small gang roams, whaling, and mid-large fleet fights
  • A relaxed, drama free atmosphere, some friendly people
  • No coalitions, no blocs, NBSI

What we are looking for

  • Active, Self-sufficient, PVP focused players.
  • No hard SP limit, but you must be able to fly all alliance doctrines
  • Must have at least one useful alt (dread alt, ideally a sabre/ceptor alt as well)

Ingame Public channel: ISSW Boardroom

Recruitment closing on July, 20th


Still open.

Closing recruitment Friday 5/22 @ 22:00 eve time.

Recruitment is open again until July, 20 at whatever eve time I can arbitrarily decide on.

Still open

Almost forgot to bump this

Still time

Bump for wolf solid ass guy!

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