[ISSW] I'm Sorry Shoot What? - Recruiting EU and USTZ individuals for Null PVP

I’m Sorry Shoot What? is a pvp focused corp within Triumvirate, a null-sec PVP alliance in PanFam focused on making or finding content and always looking for new challenges. ISSW began in lowsec and eventually transitioned to null. We are a group of friendly people who are experienced, generally high SP, and love pvp. Everyone is helpful and steps up in ISSW, and we hope any new recruits will bring that same attitude. We have small gang roams everyday and very regular fleet content, check our KB for many of the recent kills and fights.

What we offer

  • Mature with plenty of experience and SP
  • Fly unique and interesting doctrines such as T3Cs, Ikitursas, Nightmares, and more!
  • Alliance SRP and pvp
  • Active, engaged, and approachable leadership with FC’s and content in both the EU and US TZ
  • Plenty of content: Everything from small gang roams to 100 man+ fleet fights and capital warfare
  • A relaxed, drama free atmosphere, lots of friendly people
  • Secure sov, ready to use between fleets

What we are looking for

  • Self-sufficient, PVP focused players.
  • No hard SP limit, but you must be able to fly all alliance doctrines
  • Ideally 1 dread/fax alt

Ingame Public channel: ISSW Boardroom


If this sounds enjoyable contact one of our recruiters:
Wolfsdragoon (USTZ)
Bacardidesire (EUTZ)

I’ve been in this corp now for 2 years and I must say, it’s these people that keep me engaged with the game.

Super chill fleets with a high focus on specialist roles, so a nice change from F1 warfare, some top of the line support in terms of logistics and an awesome bunch of people to be around with in space o7

If you are looking to spice things up, give us a thought while you are out here reading corp ads!

Good corp, good people, good name. What more do you want?

I am an experienced player of yesteryear.
I will need a couple of weeks to get back up to speed due to a 10 year absence.
I can fly (well i could) carriers and other nice things.
Ideally I want to be able to talk to people who can say ahh yes that has changed but this is the same so that I can quickly get back up to speed.
I am funny but I have a potty mouth. I am UK time zone.
I am helpful but I do take the piss out of things.

I joined and tried to leave, I woke up with a SKY person raining yellow joy upon me. After the purification rituals were done I have never wanted for anything more, all hail the Wolfman.

But these nerds are great fun, lots of small gang and fleet autism. erm, yeah. metal gear. <3

I left 10 years ago because every 2 hours there was a call to arms.
Will I be given some time do some of my stuff?
I do not need lots of space but I do like to kill lots and then unwind and then go back to killing stuff.

Very much play at your own pace and have fun, we would encourage you to join fleets if you have time or to lead your own fleets too.

Currently roaming with the new filaments and having a blast with 4 others, I’ve never felt pressured to do anything I don’t want too.

What is a filament?
Does the corp have a public channel

Get yourself a late Christmas present and harass our recruiters with your questions and applications.

Still gettin fights

One for the USTZish and late night EU boys

Come and pvp with us thx

Apply and join us on our roams. We need you to act as a meat shield for my Loki.

Come join so you can do slightly more than hit F1

Hello there pls come join us in our crusade shooting muninns

I guess I’ll just be posting a BR every single day

come and kill people with us thx

Feels weird, but I don’t have a BR to post today, come join anyways though