[SLUG.] Ballistic - Null Sec PVP Corp (EU/us)

Ballistic. [SLUG.] is currently looking for a handful of new recruits to further our goals.

Ballistic. is a reformed corp founded by longtime vets looking to make a home for ourselves while enjoying the time we play. We are a small gang active, member driven, and have a relaxed atmosphere. We are currently operating in the EUTZ but also have members in the USTZ. In Ballistic we are all friends and PvP is what bonds us together.

Trigger Happy
We are proud members of Trigger Happy. Trigger happy is founded on principles that every member in fleet matters and that PVP is above all other activities in this game.

What we offer

  • Experienced Fc’s
  • Small and Medium Gang PVP
  • Bomber & BLOPS drops
  • Capital Wing
  • SRP
  • Limited Blues


  • Ability to fly High SP Doctrine in alliance fleets.
    (This includes Nightmares, Command Ships, Machariels or equivalent LOGI)
  • 1 Alt that can fly a Sabre, Interceptor, or a cyno ship
  • Full ESI Auth
  • 21 + years of age
    (Toxic and immature pilots need not apply)
  • Active KB in the past 30 days
  • Voicecomms (TS3 and Discord)

For Recruitment join SLUG. Pub


EUTZ - Stardust Mina
EUTZ - Col Rusty

USTZ - Kiyak Montizuma

We are Still Recruiting

We are still recruiting

We are still recruiting

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We are Still Recruiting

We are still recruiting

We are still Recruiting

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Hey. Still looking for some PvP focused people!

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