Item Filter parameters discrepancy

I’m was trying to create a filter for valuable loot and I noticed, you can sort item by “estimated unit price” and “Volume”

And there I am, completly mesmerized by the sheer stupidity of such a tool
I cannot create a filter for “est. price per unit” versus “volume per unit”, because the latter does not exist
Nor can I make one for “est. total price” vs “total volume”, because the former does not exist either
This is essentially useless

Can we get 1 programmer for 1 hour to get this fixed? Please!

You cant get a total price because everything is estimates until you go to sell. Your sell price may be higher or lower than estimated

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IMO what you want is actually an “estimated isk/volume” filter. If that is the case, that would require less than an hour to save a team more than an hour worth of work.

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I want to maximize the loot value I pick up during missions. I can already create a est.price/volume filter, but that is not useful, the price is per unit and volume is the total volume of the stack.

The game should have a “volume per unit”, to be able to create somewhat of a “est.isk/m3”. Ultimately what the game could use is a true “est. price/m3” filter option. You could set how much valuable an item has to be per 1m3 of volume, if you set it to show anything with at least a value of 20k/m3, it would show a 0.1m3 item worth 2000+ isks, a 10m3 worth 200k+, 150m3 items worth 3million+, and so on.

How do you do that ?
if you do like
Then this is NOT an estimated price / volume filter.
This is two separate filters.

What I suggest is that instead you have one filter “estimated price/volume” which you can arbitrarily set.

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