Item/Material Location Guide

Is there anything that tells you where each item is obtained? For instance trigger units etc?

The market category of an item can generally give you a clue on where to find it (in the case of the Trigger Units, this is a Salvaged Material). I don’t think there is a core index anywhere on specific drop sources - Google didn’t readily throw one up.

Yeah… That is what I was looking for. I searched but also didn’t find. I wasn’t sure if you could target stuff specifically or not. For instance I need trigger units I kill and salvage this.

I can see where the relic and data site stuff comes from so I would guess that those types of rats/sites would drop similar stuff.

Now that I can help you with.

Eve Uni links to the Chruker database for salvage sources. This database is slightly dated (last load appears to be the Invasion 2 database from November 2019), but I am not aware of significant changes in salvage drops since that time. It’s important to note that Chruker’s reporting is based on experience with salvaging, not a database extract of loot tables - to the best of my knowledge, the loot tables are not exposed to any APIs.

Chruker has also indexed limited loot drops on the same site (Menu -> Rare Loot Drops), but not absolutely everything, and again, their database load is older so may be out of date.


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check the last part of this page
Smashed Trigger Unit can be salvaged from Minmatar, Angel Cartel and Rogue Drones wrecks.

Was looking for Trigger Unit specifically but ty…

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