Selling 1 of my mining toons Character Sheet

wallet is 4,5m
0.0 sec status
NPC corp, Science and institute
in Amarr
No Kill rights
No Jump clones


6.5B offer

You need to put it in an NPC corp but once that is done I will give you 7bill

8b offer

i am okay with 8b so if someone is ready we can make it happen plz reply this with info

I have send 12b and email to john helltoplay,maybe you can first compete that trade

or send back 4b to my alt then compete this trade

the transfor is now on its way sorry for the mix up i am very new at this :slight_smile: hope its okay good sir

all right but maybe trade value should be 8b?

how about i sent you back 2b for the mix up ??

all right

its sent thx again for the deal i can now plex my main 4 times :slight_smile:

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