Its sold

WTS my missionrunning charecter with soon 26m SP

pw: 1234

  • 500m Worth of implants in head.
  • Logistics Cruisers V
  • Security Status 2.33
  • Positive wallet
  • lvl 4 agent sisters of Eve 9.22 (nearly perfekt)
  • 1 remap left
  • Born 2011-11-23

Start bid: 15b
Ends: 2018-03-26 21:00 eve time
Buyout 25b

15bn to start

20 billion

Still for sale, 25b buyout added.


bump for a friend.

Highest bid Beekillrz 21bil

I change the end time of auction to 21:00 eve time tonight.


You won send isk and account name and ill start transfer

Account name and isk sent.

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Im at work but transfer will go in 3-4 houers

27 Mar 2018 11:32

EVE Character transfer

Done, thank you again sir.

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